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Gutter Replacement

LC Exteriors is a licensed, insured and bondedfull service residential and commercial gutter installation and maintenance company servicing the Southeast since 2014. We have continuous gutter machines that run off gutters at the job site, making each and every experience unique. Most of our materials are fabricated and sourced locally right here in the Middle Tennessee!

Gutter replacement may be in your near future if your gutter system is greater than 30 years old, you are experiencing severe leaks, your gutters no longer drain due to improper pitch or settling, your gutter system is undersized and can no longer handle the amount of rain water coming from you roof.
There are many options in terms of the material and style of gutter depending on the type of roof or your personal preference. We at LC Exteriors install Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized and Kynar gutters in the following styles: "K" style, Galvanized Box, Half-Round and Scupper Boxes.

At LC Exteriors, our owner performs the gutter installation and works daily with the crews to ensure quality service from beginning to end. For quality you can count on, come to LC Exteriors, Inc. Contact us to schedule a free estimate!

Gutter Repair

NO JOB TOO SMALL!Repairing and maintaining your gutter system is necessary and will extend its life. Having repairs completed in a timely manner will help protect your home or business and prevent further damage. You can contact us to inspect your gutter system or do it yourself! The best time to inspect how your gutter system is working is during a rain storm. Look for a steady flow of water from your downspouts. If nothing is draining, you have blockages or the gutter system is not properly pitched toward the downspout(s). Listed below are common repairs and things to be aware of.


Corners, seams, end caps and outlets should be resealed every 5-10 years. Look for watermarks or damage to wood, landscaping or foundation for signs of leaks.


Flashing should be installed under the roof and down the back of the gutter to prevent water from leaking behind the gutter and pooling at the foundation.

Proper Pitch

Gutters should be properly pitched with a level so water drains towards the downspout(s).


Downspout extensions should extend at least 5' from your foundation and graded to move water away from the foundation.

If your downspouts are draining into an underground drainage system, be sure there aren't any blockages causing a back-up.

If you have your downspouts terminated from an underground drainage system, be sure to cement or close off that drain to prevent water or animals from entering.

Holes or Corrosion of Gutters

A patch can be installed over a hole or corroded gutter to prevent leaking and extend its life.

Ice Damming

Ice damming is a natural occurrence of ice forming on a roof caused by the melting and refreezing of snow. As exterior and attic temperatures rise the snow starts to melt and run down to the eaves. The eaves are generally cooler since they are not over the heated portion of your home. The water hits this area and refreezes. This ice begins to grow into a block of ice along the eaves and gutters. As this block gets taller, the melting snow (water) begins to pond and push back up the roof. This can cause some serious damage to the interior of the home if measures aren't taken to prevent it.

Ice Damming Prevention:

Heating Elements/Cables should be installed in the Fall before it snows. Cables are to be installed in a double loop configuration through the gutter, downspout and on eaves to provide a channel for water to drain. Cables should be installed with a controller to regulate when the cable turns on and off.

Adding insulation in your attic will reduce much of the heat loss from the living space and help reduce the risk of ice damming as well.

In extreme cases we can remove the bottom courses of shingles (once the roof is clear), install ice and water shield and install new shingles.

Gutter Accessories

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are a safe, effective and affordable way to extend the life of your gutters and prevent cleaning your gutters on a regular basis. There is no lifting or penetration of roof shingle and it will NOT void any roof warranties.


Cleanouts are a great addition to your water drainage system to make it convenient to clean/rod an underground drain without having to disassemble the downspout. There are also filters and screens that can be installed to keep underground drains clean and free of debris preventing clogs.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a great way to capture and recycle rain water from your gutter system. Rain water is highly oxygenated and free from salts and compounds making it healthier for plants, lawns and gardens. We can connect your downspouts to your rain barrels so you are able to recycle rain water and be eco-friendly.

Rain Chains

Rain chains are a decorative alternative to a downspout. A rain chain can be installed to direct water from your gutters to a designated area and create a waterfall effect.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia play an important role in the structural integrity of your home or business. Properly installed soffit provides essential ventilation and air circulation to reduce excess moisture that can cause rotting and decay of the roof's structure. It promotes directional air movement through the eaves and rafters of your home, helping it to stay in great shape both inside and out. By covering your soffit and fascia wood, you extend the woods life by preventing it from being exposed to outside elements. Aluminum soffit and fascia is virtually maintenance-free and will never need to be painted, as the color is baked into the metal.